New engines for Baloo

Baloo gets completely refurnished this summer:

two new Volvo Penta engines with duo- props and a new interiour with enlargered doors (wheelchair accessible).


Arial Creek View

The picture shows a view of the Mtwapa Creek ending in the Indian Ocean. The left circle marks the Fishing Base with the fishing boats. The right circle marks the new jetty which is mostly used for overhauling the boats.

New Marina for boat operation

Over the last year I have completed to build a new Marina ,Jetty in an ideal location just 200 m towards the entrance of the creek on the opposite side.
The access to the boat has become very easy with the completion of the road to the beach.
My trial run last night ended up in 2 hours work(stuck in the sand on the beach).
We now have wheel chair access right to the boat not a single step.
For the workshops and Fishing stores, we are still digging off the soil and rock ,but should start to construct within 2 month.
Operations will move to the new location by the 1 st August.It will help the guests residing in our base to enjoy a noise free and relaxing stay,without the daily running of the boats and maintenance around.


Elevated Exhaust Outlets – World First

All expierenced big game fishers know that exhaust fumes are extremely inconvinient while fighting a fish. Especially when the wind is coming from the back, exhaust fumes are the last thing that a fisherman needs.
On the right picture you see the 5m high pipes. “Arielle” is the first boat with elevated outlets. We passed the first tests during the last week successfully and the new construction will be adopted on the other boats within the next month.