Our season 2009/10 showed more fish than ever before

Tight lines were needed on all the trips and the lucky strike was with Joseph Seel on the 7th Feb.
releasing a 1000 lbs Marlin after a 5 hour drill on Baloo.
Daily since December ,we caught Marlin, the most were 5 a day and the average was one to 2 per boat per day.The season went on into April and the catches showed an other high in the first 2 weeks of April with the Marlins still around and taking well.
I like to thank all my friends/Fishermen for their support and hope to see all of you in the next season .
The night fishing as usual was unpredictable,Edo had the best trip 3 Broadbill released 2 x 40Kg, 1x 60 Kg.They will never forget the release on board when the fish slipped the grip and gave them a real beating, sorry about that.


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