Walter Brun
Being a fisherman at heart, Walter and his team of offer the highest standards of service at very competitive prices, covering a wide range of fishing types and preferences such as: Trawling, drifting, spinning, fly-fishing and jigging. Irrespective of whether you may be a beginner, a professional or a child. In addition to daily fishing trips he offers tailor-made fishing safaris to Zanzibar, Pemba Channel and all the short distances destinations in Kenya.And for those wishing to fish for the illusive Broadbill Swordfish, be sure to make use of the Night-fishing Trips Walter offers.

The Crew

Peter (left) and Mashuhuli: the experienced Crew on Baloo.


Peter has been part of the team for 15 years. Being a professional skipper with a very relaxed character, he has earned the respect of all those having fished with him. Mashuhuli has 10 years experience and an great eye for spotting fish. He is well appreciated by the guests. As an artisan in baitrigging he has created a lot of excitement on board.

 Athmani is one of the best Fishing Crew members on the coast and a team member since 8 years. the guest are impressed by his high professional standard. His friendly and entertaining appearance lets time pass quickly, while waiting for a strike.